Welcome To Helpful Balance

Helpful Balance is an American Owned company that helps Balance the Quality, On-Time Delivery and Customer Service Expectations with the Globally Competitive Rates and Scalability by having Our Own and Directly Managed Offices and Employees in India rather than contracting out.


About Us

Helpful Balance Helps Companies and People Find the Right Balance of Services and Solutions to Fit their Unique Needs. Whether you need Project Based Development or Support, Part-Time Ongoing Needs, or Even Full-Time Dedicated Resources for Any of Your Technical or Operational Needs We Can Help. We Also Believe in Using our Teams Unique Skillsets and Leaderships Experience to Develop a Wide-Variety of Products for Digital Transformation Across Industries, as Well as Digital Research Products and/or Support as Our Owner and Managing Director Have Years of Experience in the Industry with Global Market Leaders.

Our Vision

To Provide a Helpful Balance of Services and Support that Take into Account Each Client’s Unique Setup and Requirements, Growing with Our Client’s and Their Needs to Continue Provide a Wider Set of Services

Our Mission

We Provide a Helpful Balance of Technical and Back Office Services and Solutions to our Clients, Balancing Quality and Service with Highly Cost Competitive Rates


About Owner

Helpful Balance is Independently Owned by Owner Jamie Kenney, which allows for more flexibility and quicker decisions than larger corporations. Jamie has years of experience both in Dealing with Outsourcing and Living in and Managing Teams in India. Overseeing and Training Teams in India while at Nielsen, and then as Head of Digital for India’s Joint Industry Body for TV Ratings the Broadcast Audience Research Council. Jamie Spends a Good Part of His Year in India Directly Overseeing the Team.

What We Do

Why Choose Us


Helpful Balance Helps Companies and People Find the Right Balance for Them of Where Their Direct Expertise


We Believe in Working on Less Projects at Once and Committing More Resources to Finish Projects Quicker.



Whether you are looking for Cost Savings, Speed or Scalability, Better Quality Solutions.


Helpful Balance Provides a Wide-Variety of Services and Support, for Both One Off Project Based, or On-Going Needs.

Our Products

Helpful Balance is proud to introduce our various Digital Transformation products that span across industries and can be adapted to new ones to fit your needs. Don’t see your industry? Don’t worry, we can help you too. Contact Us below to find out how. Read more..

Digital Transformation Tool – Educational Institutes

Our Educational Management App helps bring the power of technology into simplifying and improving your Communication, Notification, Day-to-Day Management, and much more. It is there to help every day for Admins, Management, Faculty and Parents by modernizing the interactions in a better way, especially when remote learning and social distancing is becoming a greater need.


Digital Transformation Tool – Hospital Portal

Our Hospital Management App designed is to help manage most Hospital Operations. Traditional approaches encompass paper-based information processing and presentation. It also helps you to be aware of revenue streams, patient records, and other critical metrics in real-time at your fingertips.

Facility Management System

Our Facility Management Software, works together with your business and allows day-to-day management of the processes, automates operations, provides a management dashboard for critical analysis, and enables enterprise-wide control in the most intelligent and efficient way.


Project Management System

Our project management tool helps save you time, while improving collaboration and management of projects. Bring multiple tasks, timelines, and teams together, better gauge project completion, manage resources and evaluate risks. Unlike off the shelf products, our tool can be customized to your specific setup so it checks all the boxes. Customizing saves you time and money over a ground up approach.

Admin Client – Portal

Prioritize and discuss with your team and work with full context and complete understanding. Improve team performance based on real-time, visual data that your team can use.


Data Analytics & Dashboard

Dashboards allow a simplified, visual and singular point to keep track of and view companies KPIs and to make the most out of their business intelligence. This helps organizations make data-driven decisions, with an ability to quickly see where things are going good and where there might be issues that require more attention.


Looking for game integration and game development ? we at helpful Balance provide can provide you the best solution for all type of your Game integration needs!


QR Code Scanner

Are you looking for a better way to manage your store inventory and checkout or to keep up with the Digitization of your industry? We can help provide a variety of QR Code solutions to fit your need. Avoid expensive monthly licenses, and generic solutions and get one that fits your need.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a critical area for most businesses, because having the right tools to effectively evaluate and manage how your clients are being taken care of can make or break a company. Why not let us help you create a customized CRM specific to your setup and needs. Avoid paying per user, or going with existing setups that only solve some of your needs or force you to change instead of the other way around. We can create a customized setup that helps you manage from Prospecting Leads, to Sales/Contracts, Client Onboarding, Projects and Tasks, Invoicing/Receipts, and much more.


Gated Community System

Our Gated Community App helps communities run seamlessly. It automates several manual processes to simplify the work of management committee members and enable them to build a better community experience for their residents.