Digital Transformation Tool – Appiee Gate App

With our Digital Transformation - SMART Governance Gated Community App provide simplified solutions for gated communities. This will aid smooth communication between residents & the managing committee.From managing visitors to facilitating accounts, grievance management, bill payments, security management, Vehicle tracking, checking & blocking of meeting & conference rooms, aggregated attendancetracker, aggregated visitor logs & payments, our app plays a significant role in saving time & money.Standardization of cost across communities, from premium apartments to middle-class ones is another highlight of our app.


Gate App Features


Creates records for all the houses & map them to the owner or tenant.Assigns all scheduled maintenance programs.Create and maintain records of all the maintenance staff currently working on the program.


Will be able to see the tickets raised by house owners.Understand the resource required for the maintenance.Update the status of the ticket whether It can either be resolved/ unresolved/in-progress


Can raise tickets for any maintenance service required for the property.Make payments for the various services used all f rom within one app.While you’re away, keep your house secured with an alarm system.


Create & managethe ticketsCheck on the visitors with direct involvement.Book the facilities available at thecommunity.


  • Appiee Gate’s goal is to make customer’s lives more convenient and secure for residents in any housing community And helps communities run seamlessly. It automates several manual processes to simplify the work of management committee members and enable them to build a better community experience for their residents.

  • Online payment of residents’ dues. Reminders for maintenance due payments. Receive instant updates on society happenings with “Notices”.

  • Panic alert - Members are one click away to inform security about emergency in their flat by using the Panic alert button provided in the App.

  • In brief it integrates various dimensions of managing a residential complex such as managing finances, managing data (of owners, facilities, assets, documents etc.), managing day-to-day operations, and most importantly bringing the entire community together