Our Approach

Cost Savings

Some General Benefits to Outsourcing – Now for Indian based companies, this might be less of the reason, but there are often Cost Savings areas beyond salary cost that aren’t considered like Office/Desk Space, Computer Setups, Health Insurance, Time-Off, HR/Recruiting Costs, Bonuses and All Other Overhead. There can also be cost savings by not having to create a full team, management, etc. or all Full-Time resources when you don’t require that much support.

Less Hassle and Stress

Outsourcing can help you save time, reduce stress but reducing the hassle of hiring, retaining, managing, training, and keeping busy all the different types of resources or skill sets you might require. Many companies need specialties that they or their current management team don’t posses and then one has to decide to create a whole new team or outsource the specific need.

We also help reduce the stress and hassle on your team by removing the need to worry about hiring, firing, retention, covering sick/vacation leaves, ratings/reviews, hard to cover shifts and more. At Helpful Balance we take on all of these things so you don’t have to, and provide seamless support so your business doesn’t miss out.

Types of Outsourcing to Consider

Full-Time Outsourcing

Full-Time is one of the best ways to cut costs for existing roles, or for new product support and scaling. Having full-time dedicated resources ensures that your work is the priority all the time and a chance to build expertise among the resources that will lead to improved quality and efficiency in the long run.

Part-Time or Project Based Outsourcing

Not every company requires full-time support and have more of an as needed basis. We offer several options for resources in this way trying to help people and companies find the right balance for their needs. When you have a Known Monthly Need, But Not Full-Time you can purchase a Support Plan Based on Type of Resource Needed and Which Tier of Hours You Need.

Annual Maintenance and Support

For many websites, apps, automations and other projects they May Require Ongoing Maintenance and Support to ensure they are running smoothly, fix any bugs and continue to work on ways to improve the experience. We Offer Several Options for This Depending on Your Needs which helps bring you the confidence of trained experts taking care of your needs to get the most out of your project whether a site(s), app(s), automations, etc.

Since each situation is unique, it’s possible that the helpful balance for you is outsourcing or a combination of multiple solutions. Not everything can be automated or outsourced but more than most originally believe. We are happy to have a discussion to see if there is a Helpful Balance for your needs.