Our Approach


The Simplest, Yet Most Expensive Option…Just Hire More Employees. Hiring more employees in office or remotely directly to your company to handle the increased volume is often the first thing a company considers and often the most expensive. So how can you scale in more cost-effective and efficient ways? Below are some ideas and ways Helpful Balance can help you scale in a better way -


Outsourcing can save companies in high cost areas around the world between 2-5 times their current resource costs. Most things that are done on a computer or by phone can be outsourced. Outsourcing could be for a specific product or project or could be an ongoing need.

Using Outsourced resources can help your company find cost-savings or efficiencies in not having to hire directly for every skillset or technical proficiency needed, along with the appropriate training, management, etc. It can allow your company to free up existing local resources to focus on client/product/business related goals, while other technical or operational activities are outsourced so you can scale without having to let go existing employees or hiring expensive or hard to find resources directly. It could also help you scale by providing more services, support, or products in a cost-effective way to support more clients or newer types of business. We can help you support shifts that are hard to support locally, up to 24/7 support to allow you to take on more clients around the world.

Digital Transformation and Automations

Digital Transformation can help bring efficiencies, reduce effort by resources and improve quality and user experience. There are wide range of ways to do this, and each industry and company are unique. We will work with you to find the right balance of solutions to fit your needs and deliver a more effective digital system for your company.

As part of Digital Transformation, many things can be automated using different coding languages. A few simple examples are that you have a team that daily has to go through excel to perform some variety of tasks and potentially create reports (whether ppts or otherwise), or it could be that they have to search websites or databases and update figures daily, or perform daily analysis on sets of data. Whatever it may be there as a good chance that all or part of it can be automated.

Process Improvement

There are often efficiencies that can be found in processes when being looked at from another perspective and by resources with a variety of technical expertise and backgrounds. Your team is the experts on the process, we simply try to help them find new, more innovative solutions to them more efficiently.

Since each situation is unique, it’s possible that the Helpful Balance for you is one of the above or a combination of multiple solutions. Not everything can be addressed, but more than most originally believe. We are happy to have a discussion to see if there is a Helpful Balance for your needs.