Digital Transformation Tool – Gated Community System

Our Gated Community App helps communities run seamlessly. It automates several manual processes to simplify the work of management committee members and enable them to build a better community experience for their residents. In brief it integrates various dimensions of managing a residential complex such as managing finances, managing data (of owners, facilities, assets, documents etc.), managing day-to-day operations, and most importantly bringing the entire community together.


Gated Community Features


Creates records for all the houses and maps them to the house owner or tenant.

Admin Staff

View Raised tickets & Update the status of the ticket.


House owners can request & raise tickets for maintenance all from within the app.


Create and manage the tickets along with payment process on time.

Gated Community App Description

Manage data of your Gated Community from one place. Bring in transparency into the operations of the association & thus improve satisfaction of owners & residents. Manage complex professionally with processes supported by tools, rather than being person dependent.

Gated Community App Overview

  • Get your grievances resolved or battle hard with manual documentation of society records.

  • Ensures that only visitors, delivery executives and daily staff approved by resident’s gain access to the premises.

  • Reduce total efforts being spent to manage the complex & Encourage the people to come forward to be a part of managing committee.

  • A long wait at the gate is frustrating for everyone involved your guests, the guard and you.



Map the houses to the owners or tenants.

Assign pre-scheduled maintenance operations.

Assigns all scheduled maintenance programs

Set up payment methods for easy bill payments within the community.

Admin Staff

Respond the assigned tickets from within the apps.

The tickets can be updated by resolving it.

Special tools can be availed for the quick resolution of the issue.

Understand the requirement for the maintenance based on resources.


Resident can be an Owner/Tenant can request and raise the tickets.

House owner can able to look into property through the resident app.

While you’re away, keep your house secured with an alarm system.

Payments for rent, water bills, electricity bills, internet charges can be processed easily.


Is the next to admin/resident maintain the secured apartment.

Enhancing security along with a host of other benefits for the whole community.

Property can be viewed by security cameras set up within the app.

On behalf of tenant of another apartment issues can be monitored and resolved.


Manage the gates through gate logs

Entries can be made to visit inside the apartment.

Delivery notification can be viewed.

Complete record of all the staff in the community.