Overview of Products

Helpful Balance has started creating our own line of unique Digital Transformation products that spans across multiple industries in efforts to help our clients bring digital efficiencies and savings to their businesses/organizations. Our products can be modified to fit additional industries not seen, or new products created to fit your specific needs.


Digital Transformation Tool - Educational Institutes App - Features

  • Objective

    Reduce manual work and corrections by using one virtual office system to support all K-12 academics , Under Graduation academics ,Post Graduation academics,Autonomous Universities and administrative processes. Ensure the safety of students with state-of-the-art security measures including GPS tracking and management system. Augment communication between parents and students by effective two-way communication between parent and professor/teacher.

  • Admin

    Creates and assigns the record for teachers/professors and students based on their classes and subjects. Maps each teacher/professor and student to their respective subjects and syllabus.Also creates the mapping data for the student along with their parents. Provides login details to each account holder.

  • Management

    Will provide the details of each student along with any additional courses they may have signed up for. Collects and provides receipt for fee collection. Enables students to be tracked by parents within the app while being commuted between college/school and home. Relays any functional events or notifications to the parents and faculty based on requirement.

  • Faculty

    Marks attendance for students. Assigns home assignments for students according to their subjects. Provides feedback relating to the student’s educational and co-curricular activities.Arranges for any PTA meetings when necessary.

  • Parent

    Will be able to view their students report from teacher/professor. Will be able to make college/school fee payments. Will be able to track the student while in commute.Will be able to communicate any leave or institution activities to the teacher/professor.

  • Event scheduler

    This main feature will provide the facility to create events , functions and training session schedules.The admin level user can schedule meetings and send the notifications from the remote place.

Digital Transformation Tool - Hospital Management App - Features

  • Objective

    The Hospital Management Information System Software allows easy access to patient data to generate various records.It efficiently engenders the running of finance, the diet of patients, and the distribution of medical aid. It gives a vivid picture of future hospital growth.

  • Admin

    Create and assign records for doctors based on their respective specialty departments. Map each doctor to their respective departments and assisting staff. Create mapped data for each patient in line with their doctor along with their medical case history. Create records for the hospital inventory along with the pharmaceutical medication record and assign it to the respective departments. Provide login details to each account holder.

  • Hospital

    Manage the uptake of appointments to the doctors. Maintain the medical history of the patient. Collect payment and provide receipt for treatments and surgery. Maintain the record of treatment or surgeries on a person to person basis. Maintain a record on the availability of OP rooms. Prep emergency care units and treatment.

  • Doctor

    Provide information regarding availability of the doctor. Assign medications to the patient after consultation. Set up a review date for the patient as and when required. Provide feedback and alterations to the medications if needed.

  • Patient

    Book appointments with the hospital. Connect with the doctor in case of necessity . Request ER availability prior to arrival. Make payments for the treatments. Check personal medical records any time.

  • Operations and work-flow

    The hospitals had to keep an account of the data operations manually how many patients,doctors and the staff this app will help you get access to real-time information on your staff and patient details. This eases work flow the whole task, and makes assigning the work easier.We can create hospital user profiles in the app in which can be easily accessible and maintained.

  • Location-based services

    This feature is to provide solution to both outdoor and indoor maps so that patients won’t get lost inside the hospital once they get there.You can use location-based technologies to show patients the route to your hospital and help them navigate departments and wings and also this app can also help patients find local family doctors.


Digital Transformation Tool - Facility Management System

  • Objective

    Our Facility Management Software monitors, measures, and manages all your maintenance activities, service technicians and execution of the workforce from anywhere, at any time.Our Mobile app helps you to get Instant notifications of scheduled preventive maintenance tasks and new service requests.

  • Admin

    Creates the records of all the to-let rooms available in the building along with all the facilities provided therein. Maps each portion to the client’s business and assign the facilities offered to them. Create and manage all service staff data. Collect feedback from occupants and raise helpdesk calls through web and mobile.

  • Client

    Raise tickets for maintenance. Get information about any scheduled maintenances

  • Maintenance Staff

    View raised tickets. Understand the resource required for the maintenance. Update the status of the ticket. Ensure proper maintenance is run to all facilities.

  • Asset Management

    FMS provides a single platform where a comprehensive record of all equipment and locations, including all work history and maintenance records, can be stored. This simplifies the tagging, management, and tracking of equipment warranties, mandatory inspections, and planned maintenance.

  • Scalable Architecture

    Facility management system works regardless of the underlying IT platform and can easily be adapted to company-wide system updates or changes online and instant data sharing system

  • Real Time Measure

    Facility management system is designed to streamline repair and maintenance programs by allowing working team to make calculated decisions, implement the correct measures, and track outcomes in real time.

Digital Transformation Tool - Project Management System

  • Objective

    Prioritize and discuss with your team and work with full context and complete understanding.Improve team performance based on real-time, visual data that your team can use. Helps the organization combat upfront risks and prepare for timely achievement of project goals.

  • Admin

    Create a database with all employee information relevant to the project they are working on. Map each resource to the respective project. Assign teams and ensure that all information regarding the project and the necessary resources are available to the entire team. Connect with the client and provide the credentials to view the project status.

  • Project Owner

    Update the status of the project. Communicate with the client on their requirements. Create and assign tasks for the team based on client requirements. Set up timeline for tasks.

  • Client

    View the project status. Review the project progress. Provide any feed back and request for any additional updates.

  • Task Management

    PMS provides the options to Create Task, Sub Task based on Line of Business and able to see the details whenever required. It also provides assigning Task based on Project requirement as well as Line of Business.

  • Easy Tracking

    In this system we can easily track the clients on boarding , sign off contract documents with project closure .

  • Reports

    We can generate project reports to monitor your team’s status with one click! And also choose report from a list to get the data you need, including Project Status, Tasks, & generate the reports.


Digital Transformation Tool - Admin Client - Portal

  • Objective

    Prioritize and discuss with your team and work with full context and complete understanding. Improve team performance based on real-time, visual data that your team can use. Helps the organization combat upfront risks and prepare for timely achievement of project goals.

  • Admin

    Create a database with all employee information relevant to the project they are working on. Map each resource to the respective project. Assign teams and ensure that all information regarding the project and the necessary resources are available to the entire team. Connect with the client and provide the credentials to view the project status.

  • Client

    View the project status. Review the project progress Provide any feedback and request for any additional updates.

  • Accessibility

    In an increasingly mobile world, your clients expect anytime, anywhere access to their documents. Give them a secure client portal to download their files and collaborate with you, without compromising on security, privacy, or convenience.

  • Admin Module

    The admin client portal is used to manage the customers by themselves without intervention of any resource separately to manage the master data setup.

  • Client Module

    The client is used to check the updated status of the project or task instantly from anywhere.The reports can be generated instantly whenever required.

  • Project Module

    This feature provides to add multiple projects including editing,deletion and report export functionality

Digital Transformation Tool - Data Analytics & Dashboard

  • Objective

    A dashboard in business is a tool used to manage all the business information from a single point of access. It helps managers and employees to keep track of the company’s KPIs and utilizes business intelligence to help companies make data-driven decisions.

  • Strategic Dashboard

    A strategic dashboard is a reporting tool for monitoring the long-term company strategy with the help of critical success factors. They provide an enterprise-wide impact to a business and are mainly used by senior-level management.

  • Operational Dashboard

    An operational dashboard is one of the types of dashboards used for monitoring and managing operations that have a shorter time. They are mostly used for monitoring and analyzing a company’s activities in one particular business operation.

  • Analytical Dashboard

    An analytical dashboard is a type of dashboard that contains a vast amount of data created and used by analysts to provide support to executives. If you are using data from the past to identify trends that can help you make decisions about the future, you are basically using an analytical dashboard.

  • Benefits

    Save time across an organization: IT, analysts, managers, C-suite, etc. Save companies money by highlighting unnecessary operational costs. Provide insight into customer behavior. Effectively align strategy with tactics. Ensure a goal-driven and performance-based data culture. Encourages interactivity and analysis


Digital Transformation Tool - Gated Community System

  • Objective

    With our Digital Transformation - SMART Governance Gated Community App provide simplified solutions for gated communities. This will aid smooth communication between residents & the managing committee.

  • Admin

    Assigns all scheduled maintenance programs and create and maintain records of all the maintenance staff currently working on the program. Ensures payment methods are set up for all property owner/tenant and for the maintenance staff.

  • Admin Staff

    Will be able to see the tickets raised by house owners. Understand the resource required for the maintenance. And update the status of the ticket whether It can either be resolved/ unresolved/in-progress.

  • Resident

    Can raise tickets for any maintenance service required for the property. And make payments for the various services used all from within one app. While you’re away, keep your house secured with an alarm system.

  • Council

    Create and manage the tickets and Process payments on time without hassles. Check on the visitors with direct involvement and also Book the facilities available at the community.

  • Security

    View & Manage gate Have a complete record of all staff in the community. Maintain the complete log of the gate all in one place. View and manage the records of all visitors in the community.